LFA (Linux For All) 64bit Build 200607 with LXDE, TeamViewer, Google Chrome, Nvidia 400.82, Refracta Snapshot and kernel 5.7.0-exton

About Linux For All (LFA) Build 200607
The system is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Debian. It’s a total rebuild. I.e. nothing is left of the old LFA system.

Why Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?
Ubuntu 20.04 is supported until April 2025.

NEWS ABOUT LFA Build 200607

1. This is a BIG system (1670 MB). All packages the ordinary Linux user can wish for are pre-installed. Study the full packages list.
2. Kernel 5.7.0-exton is used.
3. I have installed Nvidia’s latest proprietary graphics driver 440.82.
4. The Desktop environment is LXDEDesigned to be user friendly and slim, while keeping the resource usage low.
5. The main Web Browser is Google Chrome. So you can watch Netflix! Another advantage with Google Chrome is that you will get all your bookmarks if you log in with your Gmail account.
6. I have included Refracta tools (Refracta Snapshot) to make it possible for you to create your own installable Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Live DVD once you have installed LFA to hard drive. This is done in the easiest possible way!
7. Use TeamViewer (pre-installed) to control your Windows computers from LFA. Or control LFA from your Windows computers.

What’s new in kernel 5.7?

Screenshot 1 – LFA running Windows 10 with TeamViewer
Screenshot 2 – Windows 10 running LFA with TeamViewer
Screenshot 3 – Running Nvidia Settings
Screenshot 4 – Synaptic running
Screenshot 5 – LFA running in VMware
Screenshot 6 – LFA running in VirtualBox
Screenshot 7 – LFA running Samba to reach Windows computers


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5 thoughts on “LFA (Linux For All) 64bit Build 200607 with LXDE, TeamViewer, Google Chrome, Nvidia 400.82, Refracta Snapshot and kernel 5.7.0-exton”

  1. You really NEED the volume slider in the tray..especially when dealing with netflix. Looks great overall. Have you totally abandoned 32 bit builds of everything? I have one old laptop that’s holding in there although it has the dreaded sis video which means it on has flaky vesa for video. ubuntu 14.04 was the last to include the sis driver in the kernel. I’ve considered jumping it back to that old just to be able to play video.

  2. I used balena-etcher to flash the downloaded iso to a brand new samsung fit flashdrive. I booted into the live iso and attempted to install it to hard drive. It popped up a message saying grub-pc is not installed but you booted in bios mode. If you have grub-pc deb packages, you will be given a chance to install them into the new system. I already tried an install which of course didn’t boot. Where are these files supposed to come from and how am I booting up if grub is NOT installed on the iso? It’s not syslinux.

  3. Article 200607 about LFA (Linux For All) at 9to5Linux.com by Marius Nestor (previously at Softpedia.com)

    “The biggest news is that LFA (Linux For All) has been totally rebuilt and it’s now based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) long-term supported operating system series. Even more, it now ships with the latest Linux 5.7 kernel series and the Nvidia 440.82 proprietary graphics driver by default.
    That right there is already great news for most Linux enthusiasts out there. On top of that, LFA is using the lightweight LXDE desktop environment, which makes it compatible with most computers, even older ones, now that there’s no official Ubuntu flavor based on LXDE.”

    READ MORE: https://9to5linux.com/lfa-linux-for-all-distro-is-now-based-on-ubuntu-20-04-lts-linux-kernel-5-7

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