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  1. Hello

    Can u send me he link for my order, because crash of computer, i have lost all my hard disk.

    Paypal transaction : (Nº de transaction unique 1LK91983YJ257782J)

    Can you send me how to install android with dual boot on my computer with the file i have buy.



  2. Hi, I tried to install EXTIX15 on my pc, but when a screen comes up with Linux mint and asks for a user name and password I get stuck. I have tried “root” as the user name and password but it don’t work. can you please help.

      1. Exton, I have downloaded a 2nd copy from the Distrowatch site. I put the DVD in the PC and selected live, the next window to show up on the screen is a “Linux Mint” login screen asking for a user-name and password. “root” does not work for user-name or password. Can you please send me a link to a reliable download.

  3. Exton,

    This is Arsal, I have recently been looking at your works and I am impressed.

    I am recently starting a Mini-retail of works on a Rasberry Pi 2. I was searching for a software that could run Android on the Pi 2 with default settings.

    I found your ‘RasbAnd’ program and it seems to be great for my project.

    I was wondering if you will be able to give me the rights to use your program.

    Please contact me at arsal6bhatti9@gmail.com for further inquiries or details.

    Your response will be appreciated,


  4. hello,rather a question than a comment .The login screen of exton os is rather strange for non-smart users like myself. PLEASE explain how to login. regards,ulrich

    1. Log in to Openbox (Exton|OS Light)
      When the system has booted up you will end up in X (Openbox) as the ordinary user live. You can log out from Openbox and back again as root (“Other”) if you want. The password for root is root. When logged in as live you can become root with sudo su. There is no password for live when running the system live. (I.e. from CD or USB).

      Log in to Mate (Exton|OS)
      When you start up your computer from the dvd you will end up in X at LightDM‘s login screen. Log in as root (superuser) with password root. (During a hard drive install you can create your own ordinary user).

    2. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading inlridebcy slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  5. Hi Exton,

    sorry to inform you that your latest kernel ubuntu-kernel-64bit-4.3.0-4-exton is faulty with nvidia 340.93 or 340.96 drivers, just like other ubuntu kernel with versions greater than 4.2.
    Any recent kernel gives the following errors:

    Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.3.0-4-exton (x86_64)
    Consult /var/lib/dkms/virtualbox-guest/4.3.34/build/make.log for more information.
    Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.3.0-4-exton (x86_64)
    Consult /var/lib/dkms/vboxhost/5.0.10/build/make.log for more information.
    Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.3.0-4-exton (x86_64)
    Consult /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-340/340.96/build/make.log for more information.

    Have you got any idea how to solve this?
    Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

      1. No I can’t because I have a GT 9800 and drivers for it are those aforementioned. It seems I’m not the only one to have that problem. Nvidia seems to pay much more attention to drivers for recent products than for old ones. Three months ago there was a similar bug regarding GPL rights, now DKMS. Nvidia is no more careful to long time customers and linux kernel developers seem not to see all continuous bug reports…

  6. That’s what I am doing. I reported the problem to Nvidia developer forum and I am going to report it to kernel bugs again.
    Thanks for you help and your distros.

      1. Started with Extix 2 days ago. Wonderful distro, love that enter key. As with Ulrich’s comment, sound is also a problem for me with Extix–both my hard drive installation and my bootable Extix usb drive. I successfully performed all the steps suggested by the ubuntu link but the last step directions did not match the file suppled–no deb file. I was not able to handle the two files given.

        Ubuntu, Mint, Linux Lite, and Manjaro all give me sound out of the box. But I cannot seem to do anything with Extix sound. Any other suggestions.

        My Extix usb drive runs much faster than I even hoped.

        Thanks for all your work,

          1. Found my problem, I think, headphone plug was partially inserted. Now have sound with both hard drive install and bootable usb drive. I will copy and save your suggestion for another time. The usb drive works so well and so rapidly the hard drive installation is generally not necessary. Next up is to try making a usb drive with persistance. Interested to see what functions are possible with persistance and what are the limitations.

            Thanks again for this fine diistro,

  7. Good Morning. I am French and my English is poor. I use Google Traduction for my message. I try to install 64-bit OS Exton ( Mate and Cairo ) with boot on a usb key (unetbootin). The installation stops each time on ” Localizing programs” and do not go away ! Can you help me ? Thanks.

    1. That’s strange. I’ll see if I can reproduce this error. I’ll be back soon.

      A little later
      I did a test installation in VirtualBox. No errors.
      You’ll have to format your install partition (with ext4) in advance. Have you done that? You’ll have to set your install partition to /
      Have you done that?

      Have you checked your downloaded ISO with md5sum?

      You also have to be a little patient when it is time for “localizing programs”.

  8. My new partition is ext4 and attached to / . But at the beginning of the installation I get a message “The kernel virtual box service is not running !” Is it important ? I will control the iso file with the md5sum .

  9. I download the file ” ExtonOS – 64bit – 15.10 -mate – ISOH – persistent- 1370mb – 151022.iso ” in order to check its md5sum . But the download is very long as it lasts eight hours . Very bad luck !

  10. Hi there,

    I love CRUXEX (3.2) on a pendrive. Runs very well
    on a TOSHIBA laptop with 6 GB of RAM.

    Funny that it needs a second pendrive for the *.sb
    packs: it doesn’t look for them on the pendrive it was
    started from but will inevitably find them on a second one.

    Apart from that: mycket bra – well done,

    Tom Butz, New Zealand.

  11. Hello,
    I install raspand-lollipop-5.1-160314 to a Raspberry pi 3. How I can enable ble and wifi connections?
    Raspand-lollipop-5.1-160314 support bluetooth module Raspberry Pi 3?
    Raspand-lollipop-5.1-160314 support wifi module Raspberry Pi 3?
    Wait your answer about it, please.
    Thank in advance.

  12. I hope that I’m not asking this question through the wrong method, but I have an issue with trying to run just your latest kernel (4.8.1) on my Slackware 64-bit 14.2 system using Refind as my boot manager.
    For some reason that I just don’t understand, when I try to get your kernel going, it doesn’t get any further than the initial Refind splash screen with the text mode showing the error “Invalid loader file!” where it would ordinarily show the kernel’s initial bootup process.
    I know that my system is set up properly because I have not a hint of problem booting my stock Slackware Linux kernels, so I have no idea why this is happening.
    Do you or anyone else here have the first idea what’s wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

      1. It’s just another boot manager, and it shouldn’t treat he kernel any differently than it does the stock Slackware kernel.
        I’m trying to sort out why it never gets into the initialization stage at all, but I have no clue why.

  13. I managed to create a Pixel Desktop ISO of my own – thanks to you! Alsio send you email concerning Pixel. My question is: now that I have ISO which boot into Live mode on an old mini laptop is it possible to install ISO on hard disk?

    1. Installation: Just create a partition of about 20 GB (if you want to create a new ISO). Then use Refracta Installer. Should work since you can run the system live.

      Please let me know how it went.

    1. Yes, that is for versions before the latest version 170309. The latest version can be installed with Etcher and/or Rufus.

      If you really tried to install version 170309, please try to use another USB stick.

  14. Arne,
    Sir, there may be a slight bug ExTix 17.2, LXQt, 64bit. When you download a document in Google Chrome and go to Downloads tab. When you click on the “Show in Folder” link, it opens the Audacious application.
    By the way, this is the best running LXQt distro I have found so far.

  15. Hi Exton.
    I just found an article about your new custom kernel for Slackware and Slackware-based distributions (SLAX 7, for example), based on the recently released Linux 4.10.2 kernel: http://news.softpedia.com/news/you-can-now-install-linux-kernel-4-10-2-on-slackware-slax-zenwalk-and-slackex-513916.shtml. But SLAX don’t start with this kernel. I think, SLAX 7 kernel is in /mnt/live/memory/data/slax/boot/vmlinuz, not in /boot/vmlinuz. So, is it possible to install your custom kernel in SLAX?

    1. Yes, after a hard drive installation. As I wrote on the INFO sites:

      1. Create a new ordinary user with the command useradd -m -G wheel,users,audio,storage -s /bin/bash MyNewUser
      Set a password for the new user with the command passwd MyNewUser
      2. To be able to log in to LXQt as your created user you’ll have to enable LXDM. Do it with the command systemctl start lxdm
      To make LXDM start at boot run the command systemctl enable lxdm

  16. hi, i hank you for the pixel os remastered with networking. I installed on a old laptop and I experienced big issues when dragging windows (very slow and cpu to 100%). I advice you to try compton (compositing manager). After installing that it seems the laptop is reborn!

  17. Hi Exton, I want run on my RP 3 app horizon go (UPC). Its on google play store (GPS). When I buy RaspAnd Nougat is possibility to download and run this app to RP? I´am only user, so I don´t understand different between GAPPS and GPS. thx

    1. If you can download Horizon from Aptoide it’s possible to run it since Google Play Services works very well. Most apps on Google Play Store can also be downloaded using Aptoide.

  18. Hi I am just trying ExTix 18 on an Alienware 15 R2 from 2016.

    The Password to start in RAM is live.

    No Sound. I know Ubuntu has sound. I will see if I can find how to get the Ubuntu Driver for sound card.

    This version of Linux does something interesting. I am using a WiFi connection at McDonalds, which usually brings up a screen that has Privacy Option, or Security Preferences in the browser that makes me click on a thing that says, I know this connection is insecure. This version of Linux completely jumps around that, and I can directly into using the Browser without that screen.

    I have been unable to use TAILS (linux) precisely over this Issue. I am curious as to how you did this.

    Are you using another DNS than that which McDs uses, and where might I try to set the DNS to –say OpenDNS? 76

  19. Hi, I yust installed exgent with the fn-keys enabled at boot
    th5s 5s the sa0e sentence as ab6ve H5, I y4st 5nsta33ed exgent w5th the fn-2eys enab3ed at b66t Can you explain howto disable that function. thank you.

  20. Hi

    These are awesome Disto’s.

    I was wondering if a 64 bit version of


    could be complied. The 32 Bit iso DVD will not start up on the latest Laptops.

    I use Raspberry Pi’s all the time and wanted to run Raspbian on a Laptop.

    I brought a Lenovo ideapad 320-15abr and have had so much difficulty making Rasbian Work using 2019-04-11-rpd-x86-stretch.iso

    The Kernel is to old and it has problems with the wireless and Touchpad. Got the wireless working, but not the Touchpad.

    The latest Gparted Live 64 Bit DVD works.

    Thank you very much

    1. You have the infamous elan touchpad (I also have an ideapad3) which requires some tweaking to make it work. You might try this page:
      https://askubuntu.com/questions/763584/elantech-touchpad-not-working-on-ubuntu-16-04-and-arch-linux and


      One solution mentions adding i8042.kdbreset=1 or i8042.reset to grub.

      Another mentions modding the /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf file to contain these two additional lines:

      MatchIsTouchpad “on”
      Option “TapButton1” “1”

      See page for additional info.

  21. You do some amazing work! I was curious if you ever produce and Manjaro or Arch based variants or strictly on the “ubuntu/debian” train?

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am attempting to install your 32bit debian based lxqt distro while encrypting the whole drive….in this case it appears to install but upon reboot says it can’t find the uuid in question. Can you provide a walkthough of the proper way to set this up and fix this error when it occurs? I’m basically stuck installing with no encryption and since this is a laptop that doesn’t thrill me.

        Thank you.

  22. I am trying to Boot EX_Gent från a USB with GRUB (MBR) and several isos., without succes.

    Can youu give any tips on to configure the grub boot entry, if possible?

    On my everyday I use an Usb where I DDed the EXgENT ISO withou any problem. It is my fastest booting distro,, and everything runs faster on it.

    I would love though to have ExGent in my Multisub which is what I have with me when I am out helping people or showing what Linux is.

  23. Hi, dear!

    Congratularions for your awsome modifications in distros.
    You are so explendid!
    I’d like know how you do for Deepin (in antix deepin 20.5) dramatically reduce the memory usage. And where I get the kerner used. (5.7.0.rc5.exton).

  24. Hi, Exton. I will gladly pay you for your distro if you can help me fix my problem.

    I had a NAS that had all of my DVD’s burned to it. I then moved to a RPi 4 as my media server, using the Chromium Media Edition. I even moved to booting from hard drive using the most recent firmware update. All was good. I could watch my DVD’s and my Netflix and Amazon Prime, listen to Spotify, etc. It was all working. And then I got involved… 🙂

    I decided to update my system files to take advantage of the 64 bit kernel. I didn’t check first, and it breaks the Chromium Media Edition. So now I can’t stream.

    I’ve not had great experiences with Kodi in the past. It seemed to work as long as all I wanted it for was to pirate movies. But if I wanted to watch legal things, like Netflix, it didn’t work right. That’s why I was using the Chromium Media Edition. If you can point me to a guide to properly installing Netflix, which you say the 64 bit version of Exton Linux doesn’t include, I’ll pay you for your work and download your version instead.

    I’m happy to pay producers. Whether that’s media producers through Netflix or you through this project, I want to pay those whose skills are greater than mine and who provide valuable service. But I’m nervous about overwriting my system booting up and not being able to get it all working again.

  25. Could you please point to or perhaps provide any sort of documentation on how to install refracta to an arch based distro? Arch/manjaro/endeavour etc. I’m unable to find anything online and have created a customized kde minimal I’d like to clone on a couple of other laptops. Currently i’m looking at using timeshift but it’s not near as clean.

  26. Hi Exton,
    after downloading exgent-rpi4-64bit-lxde-200410.raw.xz I installed it on my SSD. The boot failed because the kernel/firmware is too old (message on the screen). Then I installed it on a SSD. It boots fine, but trying to update the distro did not work: Revdep-rebuild tries to rebuild pam/elongind and some other again and again (missing kernel sources/config?). I got stuck now. How can I get out of this? Additionally being able to boot from SSD would speed up the completly update process greatly…
    Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

    1. Sorry, but I can’t help you. Too time consuming. exGENT Rpi4 is already a bit old. It can be very difficult sometimes (as you probably know) to update/upgrade a Gentoo system.

  27. Hi Exton,
    thanks for your reply…then I will try to accomplish an update myself.
    Could your provide me with the kernel configuration you used to create the kernel for exGENT ?
    Thanks a lot in adance! 🙂
    Cheers! 🙂

  28. Hello ,
    thank in advance for your excellent work!

    So, I’d like to try AndEx on my Lenovo X201 T.
    I’d like to know if AndEX support the touchscreen implemented on the computer by wacom.
    May you give me a reply?

    Thanks very much,
    Best regards,

  29. Hello Exton, I’m trying to download exlight iso from sourceforge, both, exlight-64bit-sid-efi-e-0.24.2-refracta-calamares-1570mb-211108.iso, and exlight-64bit-bullseye-efi-e-0.24.2-refracta-calamares-nvidia-1440mb-210125.iso appears with the same error, “The “/exlight-64bit… file could not be found or is not available”. Is there another link to download the files?

    1. Hi Roberto,

      I new version of ExLight will be ready tomorrow. I deleted the old versions. After that I could not upload a new version while I was abroad. Too bad WiFi connection. Now I’m back home.

  30. I just installed deepin on my disk and had been very surprised: the installer had copied the distro with no localisation at all and in the live modus. Not very useful.

    1. Ok, then you must have used Refracta Installer, which give you an EXACT copy of ExTiX 22.6 (as I say on the INFO site). Useful if you want to make your own Deepin distro.

      As an alternative you can use Deepin Installer. You can then configure the installation the way you want it to be.

      On the other hand you can always change language etc. afterwards. Just use Deepin Control Center.

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