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ExTiX 23.11 – based on upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 LTS – with LXQt 1.4, Calamares Installer (new), Refracta Snapshot and kernel 6.6.1-amd64-exton :: Build 231123

ExTiX 23.11 LXQt – Build 231123
I have made a new version of ExTiX – The Ultimate Linux System. I call it ExTiX 23.11 LXQt Live System. (The previous LXQt version was 23.5-2 from 230530). ExTiX 23.11 is based on upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble Numbat)! Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Long Time Support) will be supported until June 2029. The best thing with ExTiX 23.11 is that while running the system live (from DVD/USB) or from hard drive you can use Refracta Snapshot (pre-installed) to create your own live installable Ubuntu system. So easy that a ten year child can do it! One other very good thing with this version of ExTiX is that it is quite light. The ISO file is of only 2050 MB, which means that you can run the system super fast from RAM. When the boot process is ready you can eject the DVD or USB stick. Use Boot alternative 3 or Advanced options… >> load to RAM. Another big new thing in this version of ExTiX is that I have installed Calamares Installer. Calamares is an installer framework. By design it is very customizable, in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases. Calamares aims to be easy, usable & beautiful while remaining independent of any particular Linux distribution. Nevertheless I’ve kept Refracta Installer. Use the Installer you prefer.

Study all pre-installed packages in ExTiX 23.11…


Programs won’t crash or anything like that. And I’ve not discovered any “bugs”. That said you should of course be a bit careful. This version of ExTiX is for people who like “cutting-edge” software. And if you install the system to hard drive you will eventually be among the first people to run the stable version of Ubuntu 24.04!

1. ExTiX LXQt – root’s Desktop
2. ExTiX LXQt – user’s Desktop
3. ExTiX 23.11 running in full screen in VirtualBox
4. ExTiX LXQt Calamares Installer is ready


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