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ExTiX Deepin 23.9-2 Live based on Deepin 23 BETA2 (latest) with Refracta Snapshot and kernel 6.5.4-extix-amd64-desktop-hwe :: Build 230924

NEWS 230924 ABOUT ExTiX with Deepin 23 BETA2
I’ve released a new version of ExTiX Deepin today (230924). The previous ExTiX Deepin 23 version is from 230903. This ExTiX Build is based on Deepin 23 BETA2 (latest version) released by Deepin Technology on September 18, 2023. Please read the Release Notes. As you can see the developers urge people to try Deepin BETA2 in a non-production environment! I must say, though, that I haven’t discovered any “bugs”. And the installed programs won’t “crash” or anything like that. On the contrary ExTiX Deepin 23.9-2 with the Deepin DE 23 BETA2 works pretty well I would say. I have nevertheless kept ExTiX 22.12 with Deepin 20.8 on the server. Deepin 20.8/20.9 is the stable version released 221208. ExTiX 23.9-2 uses kernel 6.5.4-extix-amd64-desktop-hwe. ExTiX 23.9-2 works in the same way as all other ExTiX versions. I.e. you can install it to hard drive while running the system live. Use Refracta Installer for that. You can also create your own live installable Deepin 23 system with Refracta Snapshot. (Using ExTiX 23.9-2 as a “base system”). So easy that a ten year old child can do it!

Study all installed packages in ExTiX Deepin 23.9-2.


My special kernel 6.5.4-extix-amd64-desktop-hwe corresponding Kernel.org’s kernel 6.5.4.

What’s new in Linux kernel 6.5?

Please read (and watch) a full enthusiastic review of ExTiX 22.12 with Deepin 20.8…

And here is another YouTube review of ExTiX 23.9 with Deepin 23 BETA…

1. ExTiX 23.9-2 running in full screen in VirtualBox (VirtualBox Guest Additions are pre-installed)
2. ExTiX Deepin 23.9-2 (first) Desktop after boot on EFI computers


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