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EXTON OpSuS – based on openSUSE Tumbleweed – with Deepin DE, Refracta Snapshot (create your own openSUSE System) and kernel 6.7-rc5-amd64-exton :: Build 231220

EXTON OpSuS Tumbleweed is based on openSUSE Tumbleweed, which is a rolling distribution. I.e. no need for new installations. Just run the command sudo zypper dup and you will always get the latest stable packages/kernels.

NEWS ABOUT EXTON OpSuS Build 231220 with the Deepin DE
I’ve made a new version of EXTON OpSuS with Deepin 20.6 as DE (Desktop Environment). It replaces version 230215, which also had the Deepin DE installed. Version 231220 is a total rebuild of version 230215 with many more openSUSE packages pre-installed. The ISO-file has thus increased from 1570 MB to 3290 MB. I have now managed to install Refracta Snapshot, which means that you can completely change the EXTON OpSuS System and then create a new ISO-file. (Your own). Your new openSUSE system will also be Live and installable. After an installation of EXTON OpSuS to hard drive you’ll have to reinstall Calamares (the installer) though. That is done with the command sudo zypper in calamares. You should do that before you start Refracta Snapshot. That is if you want to generate an ISO (openSUSE System) which is installable. A new kernel is used – 6.7-rc5-amd64-exton. Watch a screenshot when Refracta Snapshot has started. You’ll find your new ISO file in /home/snapshot. The whole “remasterprocess” is very simple and quick.

ABOUT the Deepin Desktop Environment
Deepin DE (made in China!) is devoted to providing a beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users. I came to like the Deepin DE very much when I installed it in ExTiX and ArchEX. So I thought why not install the Deepin DE also in EXTON OpSuS?

Why should someone choose EXTON OpSuS/openSUSE? 

Is EXTON OpSuS Deepin/LXQt Build 231220/230212 unique?
If you have a look at openSUSE’s official Download site you can see that there is no live Deepin or LXQt version available. EXTON OpSuS Build 231220 is most certainly UNIQUE. There is no other distro based on openSUSE containing Refracta Snapshot!

1. Refracta Snapshot is running
2. Calamares Installer has started
3. The hard drive installation is ready
4. The Deepin Desktop for user
5. The Deepin Desktop for root


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