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RaspEX Kodi 64 bit – especially made for the new Raspberry Pi 5 – with the LXQt Desktop and Kodi 20.3 “Nexus” :: Build 240215

NEWS 240215 about RaspEX Kodi 64-bit
I’ve made a new version of RaspEX Kodi 64-bit. This version is based on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) and Debian Bookworm (Debian 12.5 stable). The LXDE Desktop is replaced with LXQt , which has a more “modern look” than LXDE. Historically, LXQt is the product of the merge between LXDE-Qt, an initial Qt flavour of LXDE, and Razor-qt, a project aiming to develop a Qt based desktop environment with similar objectives as the current LXQt. In RaspEX Kodi Build 240215 I’ve upgraded Kodi to version 20.3 Nexus. You can now much easier install extra repositories. Read about the best Kodi repos 2024.

EXTRA NEWS 240218 ABOUT DRM in RaspEX Kodi Build 240215
I’ve discovered how to get DRM (Digital Rights Management) support in Firefox so you can enjoy Netflix and Spotify! Just run the command sudo apt install libwidevinecdm0. Then open Firefox and go to https://netflix.com. You will then be asked to enable DRM. That’s it!

RASPBERRY Pi 5 and 4
RaspEX Kodi is made especially for the new Raspberry Pi 5 released October 23, 2023 (4GB and 8GB RAM), but can also be used on a Raspberry Pi 4.
NOTE: A Raspberry Pi 5 is about twice as fast as the Raspberry Pi 4.

RaspEX Kodi is now very fast and responsive, especially if you run RaspEX on the new Raspberry Pi 5. And the video performance is brilliant. Almost as good as if you use a new “big” computer.

Study all installed packages in Build 240215…

This RaspEX Kodi Build (240215) replaces all previous versions of RaspEX Kodi.

Kernel 6.1.77-exton-v8-16k+ for Rpi5
Kernel 6.1.0-rpi8-rpi-v8 for Rpi4
The system will automatically determine which Raspberry Pi you are using and load the correct kernel.
NOTE: Build 240215 can only run on a Raspberry Pi 5 or 4.

1. The LXQt Desktop running as user pi
2. YouTube running a 8k video
3. RaspEX Kodi 20.3 system info
4. Kodi running showing some add-ons


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