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ArchEX (Arch Linux) with LXQt, kernel 4.10.5-1-ARCH, Yaourt and Calamares installer – Build 170327

ArchEX 64 bit is a new (170327) Linux live DVD based on Arch Linux. Arch motto is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). ArchEX uses kernel 4.10.5-1-ARCH and the LXQt Desktop environment. LXQt is a lightweight Qt desktop environment. It will not get in your way. It will not hang or slow down your system. It is focused on being a classic desktop with a modern look and feel.

What’s new in ArchEX Build 170327?
I’ve installed Calamares, which is a distribution-independent system installer, with an advanced partitioning feature for both manual and automated partitioning operations. It is the first installer with an automated “Replace Partition” option, which makes it easy to reuse a partition over and over for distribution testing. Calamares works almost perfect in ArchEX. Read more about it. I’ve also added Yaourt – a Pacman frontend. If you want to install certain special packages for example Google Chrome and Spotify you must use Yaourt. Note: Spotify is pre-installed in ArchEX Build 170327.

Among many other programs, Firefox, Gimp, GCC, Wicd and GParted – study this package LIST.

INSTALLATION to hard drive
ArchEX can easily be installed to hard drive of those who so desire. Use ArchEX Installer (Calamares). I.e. while running ArchEX live from a DVD or USB stick. Read this INSTRUCTION and watch the slideshow below.

WHO should run Arch Linux?
My answer: The system fits the “advanced” Linux user/enthusiast, who would be willing to run an occasional command from time to time.

ArchEX LXQt Desktop
ArchEX starting up live
ArchEX starting up from hard drive (VirtualBox)
ArchEX Installer (Calamares) running
ArchEX (old) Installer running

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Exton Linux
exGENT (Gentoo Linux) 64bit live system with LXDE, systemd and kernel 6.1.7 :: Build 230121NEWS 230121 ABOUT exGENT (Gentoo) 64 bitI’ve made a new extra version of exGENT with only a few necessary packages pre-installed. The system is built from “scratch”. I.e. installed the “Gentoo way” following the Gentoo Handbook. It uses LXDE as Desktop Environment and kernel 5.15.80-gentoo-x86_64 (Gentoo’s original kernel) while running the system live (from a DVD or a USB stick). After a hard drive installation kernel 6.1.7 (latest stable kernel version) will be used. The ISO file is of only 2050 MB compared to exGENT LXQt Build 230109, which is of 3450 MB. This exGENT build is NOT a replacement for Build 230109.SCREENSHOTS1. The ordinary user Desktop: exgent.exton.net/exgent-lxde/exgent-lxde-netflix-samba-230123.jpg2. The Desktop for root: exgent.exton.net/exgent-lxde/exgent-root-lxde-desktop-230121.jpgREAD MORE: exgent.exton.net/exgent-gentoo-linux-64bit-live-system-with-lxde-systemd-and-kernel-6-1-7-build-2... ... See MoreSee Less
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Exton Linux
A YouTube Video: "Five (5) Linux Distros to watch in 2023" by eBuzz CentraleBuzz Central: "A video covering 5 specific distros I believe we need to keep an eye on in 2023. They range everywhere from basic distros to gaming distros. I believe they will bring new possibilities to the Linux community".Intro 0:00 - 2:19Dahlia OS 2:20 - 13:21ExTiX Linux 13:22-24:10SteamOS (Arch Based) 24:11 - 38:35Modicia OS 38:36 - 54:54Vanilla OS 54:55 - 1:09:46As you can see ExTiX (Build 221218) with Deepin 20.8 is among the five recommended Distros.Watch the YouTube Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oGUtPAAIyAREAD MORE about ExTiX: www.extix.se/extix-deepin-22-12-live-based-on-deepin-20-8-latest-with-refracta-snapshot-and-kerne... ... See MoreSee Less
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