Run your Ubuntu/Debian 64 bit system with the latest kernel!

logo-linux-exton-netI have compiled yet another Ubuntu/Debian kernel for 64 bit systems. This time kernel 4.2.0-7-exton, equivalent to’s latest stable kernel 4.2 released 150830.

What’s new in kernel 4.2? One million new lines of code in kernel 4.2! (The biggest kernel release ever according to Linus Torvalds).

Install kernel 4.2.0-7-exton in Ubuntu/Debian based distributions
My self-compiled Ubuntu kernels can be used in all types of modern Ubuntu systems, including Mint. They can even be used in Debian Jessie (Debian 8.1). If you want to use my kernel 4.2.0-7-exton for 64 bit systems, you can DOWNLOAD it from here.

md5sum for which is of 63,3 MB.

Installation instructions
Open the zip-file with WinZip, WinRAR or 7-Zip. Or run this command: unzip Go into the folder ubuntu-kernel-64bit-4.2.0-7-exton and run this command:
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Then: Run command sudo update-grub (if you use Grub2).

It is possible to install Nvidia’s proprietary drivers if you use “my” kernel 4.2.0-7-exton. Could be useful if you like to play games. Please read this instruction. The Nvidia drivers in for example Ubuntu’s repositories – “Current” etc. – can’t be used. It is supposed to be “impossible” to install Nvidia’s latest drivers when running kernel 4.0 – 4.2 without “patches” etc. On the other hand it’s a fact that kernel 4.2 has better support for the open-source Nvidia driver Nouveau than any other older kernel.

A small clarification
“My” kernel 4.2.0-7-exton is compiled exactly the same way as all official Ubuntu kernels. That is, The Ubuntu Way. If not, the kernel would not function in a Ubuntu/Debian system.

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Run your Ubuntu/Debian 64 bit system with the latest kernel!”

  1. Been waiting for this, any idea how 4.2 and the new amdgpu drivers are working out? Have a R9 380, not much info online about it, wondering if it overwrites the catalyst drivers. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    I have installed it on my Debian based Mint. WiFi works better but I get freezes (whole system) from time to time [I use Virtualbox alot]. Also I get plenty of usb input errors in dmesg. No such problems on stock 3.16 but wifi here is not as good – my laptop is HP 840 G1. Any hints what could be wrong?

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