DebEX Barebone with Xfce 4.12.1 and kernel 4.3.3 – Build 160109 based on Debian Stretch and Sid

debex-barebone-installer-160109-smallNEWS 160109 about DebEX Barebone
A new version of DebEX Barebone with Xfce 4.12.1 and kernel 4.3.0-5-exton (equivalent to’s stable kernel 4.3.3) is ready. I have installed Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver 352.63. All packages have been updated to the latest version as of January 9, 2016. DebEX Barebone is now based on Debian testing – Stretch (upcoming Debian 9) and Debian unstable – Sid. I have now installed Google Chrome to make it possible to watch Netflix movies. No Linux system is complete without it. The size of the ISO file has therefore increased from 1150 MB to 1460 MB. Announcement about Xfce 4.12, released 150228: Today, after 2 years and 10 months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of the Xfce desktop 4.12, a new stable version that supersedes Xfce 4.10. This long period can only be explained by how awesome Xfce 4.10 was. But as all things, it needed some refreshing – and for that we saw lots of new contributors providing valuable feedback, features and bugfixes. As always, Xfce follows its steady pace of evolution without revolution that seems to match our users’ needs.

Three DebEX Linux systems
There are now three new DebEX systems. Namely DebEX Barebone 160109, DebEX Gnome 160105 and DebEX KDE 160102. All three use kernel 4.3.0-5-exton.

Runs from RAM
All three systems can run from RAM. Use Boot alternative 2 (Copy to RAM). When the system has booted up you can remove the disc (DVD) or USB stick. You’ll need at least 2 GB RAM to run DebEX from RAM. I.e. superfast! It’s absolutely the best way to enjoy a Linux live system. Especially if it is a “big” system and you have lots of RAM. (DebEX Barebone, Gnome and KDE ISO files are of 1460 MB, 1720 MB respectively 1490 MB).

The importance of the fact that DebEX Barebone is based on Debian testing and Debian unstable
I don’t think it matters too much. I.e. programs won’t crash or anything like that. I haven’t discovered any errors. Maybe you will if you do a full test of the system. Please let me know in that case.

Screenshot 1 – DebEX Barebone running DebEX Installer

Screenshot 2 – DebEX Barebone running Samba

Screenshot 3 – DebEX Barebone running Google Chrome with Netflix


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