A new version of EXTON OpSuS (openSUSE) is ready!

openSUSEEXTON OpSuS 13.2 KDE is based on openSUSE 13.2, released 20150108. EXTON OpSuS KDE uses kernel 3.16.7 and KDE 4.14.4. Installed programs: Among many other programs, Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Gimp, Vlc, Network Manager, Samba client, GParted and LibreOffice. Study the full list of PACKAGES. You’ll run the system as root or as the ordinary user live. Root’s and live’s password is root/live. EXTON OpSuS can easily be installed to hard drive (of those who so desire). That is directly while running the system from a USB stick. All programs have been updated to the latest available stable version as of February 17, 2015. The system language is English.

Installing to a USB stick and/or to hard drive
After installing EXTON OpSuS 13.2 to a USB stick, you can change the system completely and then install the system to a hard drive. You can also continue to have it only on the USB stick and run EXTON OpSuS on any computer you want. If you install EXTON OpSuS on a large enough (and fast) USB pen drive, you can go ahead and install for example Cinnamon, Mate or Xfce4. All your system changes are automatically saved to the USB stick. Persistence!

Why should someone choose EXTON OpSuS/openSUSE?

See a screenshot of the KDE Desktop


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