PuppEX Tahr (Tahrpup 6.0) with kernel 3.19.1-PAE-puppex

CruxNEWS 150309
A new version of PuppEX Tahr 32bit is ready. Kernel 3.19.1 is the latest available stable kernel from Kernel.org as of 150309. PuppEX uses the original Puppy Tahr Desktop. I have added PCManFM and LXTerminal. They are more useful than ROX-Filer respectively RXVT, I think. The ISO file is on the whole 475 MB, which is due to me including also NVIDIA Graphics driver 346.47, Gimp, Google Chrome (for Netflix), Adobe Flash and compiling tools. Tahrpup original is of only 199 MB. PuppEX is despite this still running as fast as the original, which means it runs very, very fast compared to most other Linux systems. (Puppy/PuppEX runs from RAM). I’ve also added Tahrpup’s Service Pack 6.0.2. With PAE compiled into the kernel PuppEX now can address up to 64GB of RAM.

Compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
The beauty of Puppy Tahr 6.0 is that programs that are available for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS also can be easily installed and run in Puppy Tahr (and thus also in PuppEX).

See a screenshot of the Desktop


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