PuppEX Focal64 Linux Live DVD with kernel 5.16.2-exton and VirtualBox Guest Additions :: Build 220201

ABOUT PuppEX Focal64 Build 220201
This Puppy derivative is built from Puppy Linux 9.5 FossaPup64. I have added PCManFM and LXterminal. Also many development tools. Furthermore I have compiled a new kernel – 5.16.2-exton and pre-installed VirtualBox Guest Additions. Watch a screenshot when PuppEX is running in full screen in VirtualBox. PuppEX Focal64 (both versions) are compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa), which means that Ubuntu packages for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS can be installed and used in PuppEX. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be supported until April, 2025.

NOTE1: For some unknown reason PuppEX Build 220201 won’t boot on newer UEFI computers. It works well on older computer though. I have therefore kept the old PuppEX version from 201119, which can run on all “normal” computers.

NOTE1: The good thing about PuppEX Build 220201 is that you can run it very well on older non-UEFI computers, VirtualBox, VMware and Qemu. You can also do a manual installation to any computer provided that you have at least one Linux system installed and use Grub as bootloader. Do it like this.
1. Extract everything in the PuppEX ISO to a folder in the root (/) of your existing Linux system. Watch this screenshot.
2. Then just add boot lines for PuppEX in /etc/grub.d/40_custom or /boot/grub/grub.cfg. Watch this screenshot and this example of a 40_custom-configuration.
3. You can/should also read my instruction How to dual-boot, triple-boot or multi-boot Linux with Windows in a simple way and be happy...

Study ALL installed packages in PuppEX Focal64 – 220201

1. PuppEX Focal’s Desktop – 220201
2. PuppEX Build 220201 running in full screen in Qemu
3. PuppEX Build 220201 running in full screen in VirtualBox


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